Down-size Kit
Down-size Kit
Down-size Kit
Down-size Kit
Down-size Kit
Down-size Kit

Down-size Kit

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This kit allows you to change your Tabl 1.2 set to coffee table height: 420mm (16.5"). This is the wooden portion of the leg only. It's simple to disassemble the metal clamp and swap out the wooden part!

Please note - we currently have a 1-2 week handling time on all orders. We carefully assemble and pack each set specifically for you, so please be patient! If a product is out of stock, get in touch to find out the latest lead times or sign up to our mailing list for production updates.

Tabl design guidelines

  • Minimum table top thickness 19mm (3/4");
  • Maximum table top thickness 45mm (1 3/4");
  • Maximum table top weight is 60kg (130lbs);
  • For wood, plywood or laminate table tops, the maximum diagonal dimension between legs A is 1800mm (70”) and the maximum cantilever B is 300mm (12”);
  • For brittle materials like stone, the maximum diagonal dimension between legs C is 850mm (24”) and the maximum cantilever D is 150mm (6”). 

Not suitable for use with glass. Do not use stone or brittle materials that show any sign of cracking. If in doubt, consult your table top supplier about appropriate reinforcement methods, or consider using our table top support system available via our website.
In general, the stiffness of your table top will affect the overall stability of your table, so choose a thicker, stronger material where possible. If you need help selecting a table top, feel free to get in touch.

Finishes & Patina

The brass clamp is intentionally left raw. As it ages, brass develops a layer of oxide on its surface. When brand new, the metal is bright yellow, but over time it darkens to a deep green/gold. Like copper cookware, fingerprints and spills will accelerate this process and cause initial discoloration, but will eventually even out. Because the clamp is solid brass, you can use a regular metal polish to bring it back to its original luster. The wooden parts are sealed and finished with a natural furniture wax. This finish is durable and water resistant, but can easily be repaired or re-coated without paint or paintbrushes. A decent furniture wax from your hardware store, applied with a cloth, will bring your Tabl leg back to its original finish.

Selecting a table top

There are a number of places you could find a great table top - you may even have something already that will work. Try these ideas:
  • Architectural re-use centers - these businesses salvage materials from demolition sites, you can often find a good selection of table and bench tops for great prices. They may require some TLC on delivery.
  • Online auctions and classifieds - try searching ‘solid wood table top’ on Ebay.
  • Businesses that sell plywood or other sheet materials will often provide a cutting service, so you can measure up your space and get a table that is the exact size you need.
  • IKEA sells a range of pre-made kitchen counter tops in laminated wood and other materials. Tabl is compatible.
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