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This kit quickly transforms almost any flat surface into a functional, sturdy table or desk

Some table top ideas:

A minimal table leg system that lets you create a beautiful table, then recreate!

The Tabl leg allows you to convert any flat surface into an instant table. The clamping mechanism connects securely to a wide range of table top surfaces giving you a solid table that's totally adaptable and future-proof;
A table that can travel with you wherever life takes you.

Tabl is simple to construct

Tabl is configurable

Tabl is built to last

Tabl is repairable

Tabl Story

Tabl was created out of necessity. Designer Nick Flutter wanted a furniture solution for his NY apartment - a table system that could easily adapt to new uses and new living situations. It had to be sturdy enough to support heavy duty table tops, and be modular so that the height could be changed in the future. A prototype, a slab of recycled granite bench top and Tabl was born.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"beautiful product"
"stable, beautiful, well made, easy to install."

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